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Princess La Ratte Fingerling Potato. 90-100 days. A specialty, gourmet Potato from France, it has a subtly sweet, nutty flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts and chestnuts. Its smooth, buff-colored skin cloaks golden-yellow flesh. Known for its smooth, custard texture, use this versatile spud to elevate the delicacy of any recipe. The La Ratte has a hazelnut flavor and a creamy texture unlike any other potato, but must be cook properly. If a knife or fork passes easily through the La Ratte de Paris then it is over-cooked.

Ratte potatoes

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Ratte-potatis är god sort. 24  Grönsaker & potatis – Vihannekset & perunat – Vegetables & potatoes . 12-14 Potatis Peruna Potato . La Ratte och King Edvard till salu. Också. Nära släkting till fransk Ratte-potatis.

To roast, cut into evenly sized pieces.


Of almost legendary status in France, this white-skinned, yellow fleshed maincrop variety has a supremely waxy texture and nutty flavour. Wonderful in salads, or boil with skins on, peeling, … 2020-10-01 2001-12-12 2019-01-26 Ratte potatoes with Iberico ham and piquillo peppers. by Jun Tanaka. Loaded potato skins.

Ratte potatoes


Its smooth, buff-colored skin cloaks golden-yellow flesh.

Ratte potatoes

The flavor of 'La Ratte' fingerling potatoes is delectable and unique — not quite earthy, a little on the mushroom side. Photo by Matthew T. Stallbaumer. Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with butter, crispy garlic and parsley. This is the best roasted potatoes recipe ever with only 5 ingredients and takes 30 mins.
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Ratte potatoes

Ragoût of English Peas, la Ratte Potato Purée and Sauce Périgourdine.

Solanum tuberosum La Ratte is highly sought after for its smooth, buttery texture and rich, well-rounded flavor which hints of hazelnut and chestnut.
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Turbot meunière, pumpkin, hazelnut, creel caught langoustines, gnocchi and bisque. 42. Served with arugula pesto, parmesan creme and potato cake with sundried Med cauliflower creme, spinach, hazelnut and owenmade ratte potato.

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La Ratte potatoes are the darling, potato-of-choice in the "La Puree Pomme de Robuchon" recipe by a modern and famous French chef, Joel Robuchon. The dish can be described as the union of potato and butter in the body of a light but luxuriant sauce. Roast Conventional oven 220 C, fan assisted 200 C, Gas 7 Peel and wash then cut the potatoes into even sized peices. Par boil for 10 mins. Drain then shake the pan to roughen the surfaces of the potatoes. Heat 4 tbls of vegetable oil in a roasting tin. Add the potatoes and turn in the hot oil.

Här är 10 potatissorter du kan börja med, allt från färskpotatis och salladspotatis till delikatesspotatis.