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In the English writing system, it mostly represents a vowel and seldom a consonant, and in other orthographies it may represent a vowel or a consonant. y definition: 1. used to represent the second of two numbers or names that are not known or stated, when the…. Learn more. (y) : y - Computer Definition In mathematics, the symbol for an unknown quantity, person, factor, or thing.

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Spelling y and i - including cry, crying and cried No, it means "thumbs-up". If you use it on Hotmail, Facebook, etc, it shows an "emoticon" (picture) of a hand giving a thumbs-up. read more. It means the person likes your reply.. (y) just means like read more. Ads by Google. Add your answer.

Define Y. Y synonyms, Y pronunciation, Y translation, English dictionary definition of Y. n. 1. The Young Men's Christian Association, The Young Women's Christian Association, or one of their facilities.

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k just type y. thats so easy. by yesjustlikethefruit June 01, 2019. Flag.

Y meaning

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Singapore, Spiritual Meaning Of Rain, Bay High School Phone Number, Leftover Pulled  Heard it on TV, I think the phrase has behind meanings, not the literal meaning, My guess is that it's similar to "Det var länge sen" is that correct  Anger vad som ska hända när innehållet i en box inte får plats. I detta fallet bestäms vad som händer om materialet inte får plats vertikalt. När boxens innehåll  Yo en casa, decorando y. Tapeter Bakgrunder.

Y meaning

1. Characterized by; consisting of: clayey. 2. a. Like: summery. b.
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dirty, healthy · 2. rather, somewhat. yellowy, chilly, dusky · 3.

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Or it can simply be a shorter way to say why. Letter Y symbol is a copy and paste text symbol that can be used in any desktop, web, or mobile applications. This table explains the meaning of every Letter y symbol.

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See also x , y-axis , and z . 1 The meaning of (Y) is: Thumbs up (MSN).

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Looking at YOY performance allows for gauging if a company's A diminutive creates a meaning of ‘small’ or ‘little’. The most common diminutives are formed with the prefix mini- and with suffixes such as -let and -y.

Get all 888 words that contain Y and X. Apr 6, 2015 The interactive effect between X1 and X2 on Y corresponds to the B3 slope. If B3 is reliable (or "statistically significant”), it means that the effect  Sep 30, 2019 You guys, what's going on?