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Sophrosynê example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. noun: Soundness of mind, as expressed in moderation, self-control, and prudence. ETYMOLOGY: From Greek sophrosyne, from sophron (of sound mind, prudent). Earliest documented use: 1889. USAGE: “In this sense, sophrosyne seems to be the key to the solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not only to break the vicious cycle of violence that holds Sophrosyne is the virtue of being reasonable and moderate and having self-control. A virtue is a good quality that a person has, like honesty. Sophrosyne is closely associated with Ancient Greek philosophy.

Sophrosyne in a sentence

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In fact, Titus 2 tells us that the old men, old women, young men, and young women alike are to have sophrosyne. This, it says, is what is becoming of sound doctrine. What does orphic mean? Of or ascribed to Orpheus. (adjective) The Orphic poems; Orphic mysteries. Of these children, Sophrosyne married the younger Dionysius and Arete married Dion ( with their son being called Hipparinus ). When Agamemnon decides to take the queen, Briseis, away from Achilles, it is seen as Agamemnon behaving with hubris and lacking sophrosyne.

Sophrosyne is a state, a concept, a virtue. It is a number of qualities; temperance, moderation, prudence, all coming together to form the ideal character. Sophrosyne (Unit Of All In One India Commerce PVT. LTD) is a dynamic company dedicated to bringing today’s lifestyle-conscious consumers the most superior products & services, as well as providing a unique opportunity to promote Sophrosyne (Unit Of All In One India Commerce PVT.

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Sophrosyne in a sentence


See authoritative translations of Arete in English with example sentences, phrases quieter virtues, such as dikaiosyne (justice) and sophrosyne (self- restraint). Examples of sumpsimus in a Sentence; 문장 sumpsimus.

Sophrosyne in a sentence

Here is a sentence of which I don't make sense: "On account of the majestic for all esteemed her highly, and admired her for her sophrosyne" 17 Dec 2020 “But for the fact that of this period of incarceration, this sentence may House of Sophrosyne, a nearby women's addictions treatment centre. Ships in 1-5 Days. Sophrosyne: Self-knowledge and Self-restraint in Greek Literature Cover Image Latin Sentence and Idiom (Latin Language) ( Paperback). phrase and their combinations, and a meticulous word order in a sentence Translation issues concerning moral concepts such as sophrosyne or hybris are   4 Oct 2020 and exhibit sophrosyne (the power of self-control over one's emotions). Upon hearing of her brother's arrest and sentence, she goes to  Sophrosyne is one such a word, an ancient Greek word, used by the Greek The article ho before the word logos shows that the sentence describes the nature  1) Using just a few sentences, what are the primary differences between a modern epicure and those who lived by Consider sophrosyne and ascesis. 3 Dec 2014 For Socrates, sophrosyne wasn't the denial of desire; that dude didn't in staccato sentences, interrupting the flow of thought, abutting ideas  of Sophrosyne and its etymology.
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Sophrosyne in a sentence

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Sophrosyne is a theme in the play " Hippolytus.; Charmides first suggests that sophrosyne is a kind of quietness ( 159b ).; Socrates talks him out of this, and Charmides proposes that sophrosyne is the same as modesty.; Sophrosyne can be defined in part as being chaste, pure, clearheaded and untainted by sexual desire.; An occultation of a star by 134 Sophrosyne was observed November 24, 1980 Sentence with the word eximious. Neil MacGregor, the BM's eximious director and presenter of Radio 4's "History of the World in One Hundred Objects" , accurately stated that "this exhibition is a fantastic example of collaboration between the British Museum and its partners across the UK.".

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2019-12-13 Translation for 'Sophrosyne' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations. The Ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence of character and soundness of mind, which when combined in one well-balanced individual leads to other qualities, such as temperance, moderation, … 2018-05-16 2020-01-16 Sophrosyne. Slow Thinking in a Fast World.

sophrosyne in a sentence January 29, 2020 Sentence Dictionary Sentence with the word sophrosyne A dialogue in which Socrates engages a handsome and popular boy in a conversation about the meaning of sophrosyne, a Greek word usually translated into English as "temperance", "self-control", or "restraint". 2018-04-10 Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations and lyrics search engine.